Art nouveau in Poznan

To evoke Art Nouveau in Poznań is surprising, because few people know this style is present in Poland! But precisely Poznań proved to be a city full of Art Nouveau buildings, or rather Jugendstil , the German branch of this movement.

No wonder when you know that Poznan was a German city of 1792-1918! There are examples of Art Nouveau buildings in the center, more or less restored …


Art Nouveau in the district of Jeżyce

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Jeżyce district was an ancient village next to Poznań, which was attached to the town in 1900.

At that time the city an this area experienced rapid growth which led to the construction of many buildings and houses in the style Jugenstil fashionable at the time. Many buildings remain, in a more or less restored state … But it is stilla pleasure to walk there the nose in the air!

We can get a map of the area in Poznan tourist office (on the Rynek) with the main Art Nouveau buildings listed and some explanation.

Most of it is concentrated on the main street, Ulica Dąbrowskiego  and the adjacent streets. There are several buildings on the boulevard Roosevelt, but they are unfortunately in an advanced state of disrepair! (we almost want to offer their painting cans and return admire the result then …).

The village at the time was centered around its market place, very beautiful in the Art Nouveau style ( half restored …)

In short a pleasant stroll for lovers of Art Nouveau, but regrets the lack of maintenance of some buildings …

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