The Miniature and Cinema Museum in Lyon

The Miniature and Cinema Museum is located in Old Lyon, on Saint-Jean Street.
It occupies the former « house of lawyers » a beautiful Renaissance building. This amazing museum is divided into two parts: one dedicated to special effects of the film world, decor, latex prosthetics, models … while the second is devoted to miniatures. It is the only museum of this kind in the world (at least to my knowledge …) and will appeal to both adults and children !

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Musée Miniature et Cinéma Lyon

Musée Miniature et Cinéma Lyon

To get there, nothing more simple! Just take the underground/subway line D and get off at « Vieux Lyon« . The museum is located not far from there, close to the Saint Jean Cathedral.

It is open daily from 10 am to 18:30 and until 19h on weekends and during school holidays. The entrance fee is 9 € but there are discounts for children, students, unemployed people … More information on the official website of the museum .

As i like everything refering to miniatures or models, and being a little movie buff in my spare time (between trips or museums…) I could not miss it!

But if I returned there recently to see it well enriched with new acquisitions, I was much younger when I discovered this little treasure for the first time, and I have already visited several times ! The interior is rather dark, so I thank the wonders of technology in digital camera for this time I could bring back beautiful images, and thus share them with you!

The Cinema part

Occupying several rooms, it has been expanded since the last time I was there ! We first penetrate into the mesmerizing and disturbing world of the movie The Perfume , shot partly in Barcelona, and which some interiors have been restored here. Other rooms are devoted to special effects that are found in the world of cinema, with a nice collection of prosthetic latex or objects which have been used during filming.

As a true fan of science fiction (that is, here you still learn something about your favorite mouse!) I was very happy as many objects in the collection refer to this genre! One can thus find elements of Terminator, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Mars Attacks, Babylon 5, X-Files, X-Men, The Fifth Element … good news for fans !!! Not to mention the « animatronic » of Alien , which greets you by moving in front of your eyes !

Another room offers its various models having also served during filming. Some videos explain how to the FX workd in a movie.

The « miniature » part

Located on the last floor, one can see the impressive works of Dan Ohlmann, miniaturist and founder of the museum. We find for example the model of the famous Art Nouveau restaurant « Maxim’s » (where I must go, but I digress …), a natural history museum, a theater … Works by other artists are also on display.

Take the time to admire all the details and to marvel at the work! Personally, I could see myself in some rooms, but finally I am still too big for it ! Note that it is not always easy to take pictures, between the low light and reflections from the window, so you will excuse me if it’s not perfect!

The last room (which I had never seen during my previous visits) offers other beautiful miniatures and reduced-size objetcs of all kinds (furniture, food …), I especially liked the little mice that we can see there !

If like me you love models and miniatures, do not miss the new attraction in Greater Lyon: Mini world. Note that for the moment it is only in French but you can use the automated translator.


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